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GEO Student Ambassadors

The GEO Student Ambassadors program is an IRA Funded program out of the Global Engagement Office (GEO). The GEO Ambassador Program is designed to help study away alumni, NSE and international students stay connected with the GEO, including working and internship hours in the office and engaging in fun activities to promote studying away!

These Ambassadors are made up of current SSU students who are SSU study away program alumni, as well as international and international/domestic exchange students studying at SSU. Each semester these students are dedicating hours towards building a strong, global community on campus, through programming, event planning, and working with other on-campus departments and organizations, including working closely with the on-campus student organization, the International Education Exchange Council (IEEC). The Ambassadors are able to practice important skills in event coordination, marketing, professionalism, and leadership.

As all of the students are either program alumni or current international/exchange students, SSU students can talk to those who have either studied in or are from the location where they would like to study away! Students would simply need to stop by GEO in International Hall 107 and see the Ambassador Desk schedule, or visit our Virtual Office to view Peer Advising drop-in times

Want to encourage your students to broaden their horizons by studying away? If you are interested, an Ambassador can visit your class to talk about the different study away opportunities there are at Sonoma State University. Ambassadors will also speak on program requirements, deadlines, academics, and finances. If you would like to request that an Ambassador visit your class or group, please simply fill out the Request Form and we’ll contact you with confirmation! IT’S THAT EASY! You will be able to choose the date, time, place, and length of presentation. We offer both 5-10 minute “Shout-Outs,” and 10-15 minute “Presentations.”