Can I use Financial Aid on National Student Exchange and NSE Study Abroad?

Yes, students can use financial aid on NSE. Which financial aid that can be used depends on the payment plan the student is accepted on.

When a student participates in NSE on Home Pay, they can use whatever financial aid they normally use at SSU while studying away. All financial aid goes with you.

When a student is placed in NSE on Host Pay, students can use any financial aid they would be able to use if they went to a university outside of California. Federal Financial Aid (Pell Grant, Federal Loans) as well as any external scholarships that do not depend on the student attending a university in California or at SSU specifically can be used while studying away. California and SSU specific financial aid, such as Cal Grants, SSU scholarships, the Middle-Class Scholarship, and the CSU waiver, are examples of California specific financial aid that does not apply when a student is placed on Host Pay.

The VA is currently changing and updating their student financial support policies, but it is currently believed that students will only be able to use Veteran’s benefits on Host Pay on National Student Exchange. VA benefits will likely not be available on NSE Study Abroad.