Information Meetings and Application Process

Study Away Information Meeting

The first step to studying away is to attend an Information Meeting! Whether you are determined to study away next semester or are just considering studying away sometime in the future, it's never to early to attend an Information Meeting! 

At these meetings we will discuss different program options, requirements, steps, and deadlines. While we are working remotely, these Information Meetings are available online for your convenience. To participate in an Information Meeting, first, you will need to download these documents:

Information Meeting Resources Handout

FUN Form (Research Guide)

Then, you will need to watch the Information Meeting video at the link below. This video is about 45 minutes. Though it would be best to watch it all at once, it is okay to go back and watch the video in parts as long as it is completed within one week. 

Information Meeting Video

You can access copies of the presentation slides here:

Presentation Slides

Application Process

When a student is ready to apply to a study away program, they can start their application online at the corresponding website. Students can view program options on the Programs page. After students start their application, they can work with the advisor and Peer Advisors to make sure their application is strong. Students can also participate in an Application Review Appointment with the advisor to make sure their application is ready for submission.

After a student applies to a program by the deadline, they will hopefully be accepted! GEO will then hold Post-Acceptance Meetings with students to discuss important information and next steps. Finally, students will attend a Pre-Departure Orientation at the end of the semester prior to their departure to help prepare them for their study away experience.

Throughout the application process and after being accepted, students should be planning out the courses they will be taking while studying away. It is beneficial to start planning that as soon as possible, so students can be strategic about what classes they take the semesters prior to studying away, and how the classes they take while studying away will count towards graduation requirements. Students will first want to be familiar with their graduation/major/minor/GE requirements by exploring the SSU Course Catalog and their Academic Requirements Report (ARR) on their MySSU account. Once a student is familiar with the classes they need, they can then explore the classes available on study away programs to identify the classes they should take. Once students have used their own judgment for this initial course matching step, they should meet with their academic advisor to finalize course equivalencies and their academic plan.