What is the NSE Advising Agreement, and when is it due?

The NSE Advising Agreement is a “contract” between you and your advisor regarding the classes you are planning on taking while studying away, and how they will count towards your graduation requirements when you return. This form is available and due after you are accepted to your NSE program and due prior to the end of the semester. Keep in mind that faculty are VERY busy the last two weeks of classes, the first two weeks of classes, and around registration; they are also often unavailable during winter and summer break. You should not expect faculty to help you during these times, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Be sure to follow the listed instructions! The form should be mostly completed BEFORE taking it to your advisor. Faculty get very frustrated when students ask them to complete this form for them. Faculty are not familiar with all of the classes available on study away programs, so it is your responsibility to do your research ahead of time, use your best judgement to match courses available at your host university with what you need to graduate, and then take that information to your advisor. We even recommend creating a spreadsheet of the courses you need, and what classes abroad are similar to those courses. Be sure to bring class descriptions and as much information on the classes as available.

If you are planning on taking classes in your major, then a faculty member in that department will sign the form. If you want to take classes in your double major or minor, then likewise your advisor in that department will sign. If you want to take GE courses, there is no designated person to sign. You can either go to the department that houses that GE (ex. a history GE class would be in the history department) and ask one of them to sign off, or you can have your normal academic advisor give their best guess.