What if my GPA is below the minimum requirement? Should I still apply? What is the GPA Statement?

YES! If your GPA is below the minimum you should still apply but be sure to speak to a study away advisor FIRST. Some locations are more flexible or competitive than others, and the advisor may be able to help you find a location that is a better fit for your circumstances.

Either way, you will have a chance to address your GPA and the requirement under the section titled GPA Statement. In this section, you should be specific with details, such as courses, semesters, or circumstances that impacted your GPA. You should not only explain the circumstance, but also explain why you should be considered for the program despite this deficiency. Include what you have learned and what you do differently now as a student, as well as how you plan to be academically successful while studying away. Our top concern is that you will be successful while you are studying away. Also, be sure to address how you will meet the minimum to GPA before departure.

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