What if I am in the process of changing my major? What should I put on my application?

Please speak to an advisor about your situation. Generally, this should not impact your application or eligibility. Ideally, classes students take while studying away will help the student meet graduation requirements, though location and program selection is dependent on the student’s goals and priorities. Some locations are better suited for specific majors, and students should compare that availability with their academic goals.

For CSU International Programs, many of the program locations offered, your major must be related to the fields available at that location. Undeclared students and students in the process of changing their major can still apply, but it may impact their location options and application competiveness. 

For National Student Exchange/NSE Study Abroad, certain majors may be listed as Limited or Closed. If a student applies to a host university with a major that is limited as Closed, they may not be accepted unless the student explicitly states they do not plan on taking classes within their major. Students applying to a host university with a major that is listed as Limited should not anticipate being able to take more than one or two classes within that major, and should be very flexible on what those classes are.

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