What are the NSE payment plan options, and how do I know which one I should do?

When participating in National Student Exchange, there are two payment plan options: Host Payment (Plan A) and Home Payment (Plan B). Host Payment - student pays in-state (resident/provincial) tuition and fees directly to the host campus (and no tuition is paid to the home campus). Home Payment - student pays their normal tuition and fees to their home campus (and no tuition is paid to the host campus).

When considering which plan to list on your application for NSE, there are three factors to consider: financial aid, in-state tuition at the host university vs. at SSU, and competitiveness.

Some NSE institutions are more competitive than others, particularly on Home Pay. Many campuses have limited space available on one or both plans. Read more about placement chances on the NSE website and talk about your chances with the NSE coordinator.

NSE Study Abroad students are automatically placed on Host Pay unless otherwise noted.