Transcripts (Unofficial and Official)

One of the required application questionnaires is the Unofficial Transcript Upload. Please upload your SSU unofficial transcripts from your MySSU account. When you are on your MySSU account, you can click the left drop-down box and select “Unofficial Transcript”, click the arrow, then click “View Report.” When your unofficial transcript pops up, you can then right click, and select “Save as” or “Print” to save the document as a PDF. You will then be able to upload the PDF to your application. If you need assistance, contact us.

If you have attended colleges other than SSU and received college academic credit, you WILL need to upload those unofficial transcripts. Having them transferred to SSU does not mean you won’t need a transcript from the college, and unfortunately we cannot get access to the copies you have already submitted to SSU. You should be able to access those via your online student account at that college. If you have any trouble, you will need to contact that college. If you have difficulty getting unofficial transcripts, it may be easier to just request official transcripts. You can have them sent to yourself and then bring them in to the Global Engagement Office.

Keep in mind that if you are accepted into the program, you will need to request OFFICIAL transcripts from any colleges you have attended other than SSU. Have all official transcripts sent to you, and then bring them to us in the Global Engagement Office. Please do not have official transcripts sent directly to us, as they tend to be lost in campus mail. Even if you have already submitted transcripts to SSU to transfer the courses, we will need fresh copies for your application. The Registrar's Office at Sonoma State University CANNOT provide you or the Global Engagement Office with copies of transcripts from previous institutions attended.

You will not need to request SSU official transcripts once you are accepted; the Global Engagement Office will request those.

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