Is there a deposit? When is the deposit due? How much is the deposit?

For CSU International Programs, there is a $500 deposit due on May 1st (Nov. 1st for Calendar Year.) Students will know if they are accepted prior  to the deposit being due.  

If a student is accepted to the waitlist for their first choice location, they may still be on the waitlist when the  deposit is due. If that is the case, the deposit will not be due until they are officially accepted to a program location. Once a student is off the waitlist, a deposit will be due immediately.  

Technically, the deposit is the entire prepaid program cost amount as can be seen on the Budget Estimate located on the CSU IP program page. However, as most students do not have that much money readily available, they can opt for a $500 deposit instead.


For National Student Exchange/NSE Study Abroad, this will depend on the program and host university for which the student is accepted. On National Student Exchange, students may need to pay an enrollment deposit, housing deposit, or other fees. All host campus fees are listed on the campus profile pages under Tuition/Fees and should be reviewed.

For NSE Study Abroad, the study abroad program will likely have their own application fees and/or program deposits. This information should be listed on the program website.

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