I am planning on applying for the program next year. Is there anything I can do to prepare myself?

Terrific to hear! Planning ahead is a great way to stay on track with graduation, which includes planning out which classes you plan on taking leading up to your time studying away. Some students will focus on taking major core requirements at SSU, especially if any are not available at your desired study away location. Then, students can save some elective and GE units to do while studying away. Keep in mind, the Critical Race Studies/Ethnic Studies graduation requirement is very difficult to find when studying outside of the US, and the CA Government graduation requirement, completed by taking POLS 200 or equivalent, is difficult to find outside of California.

Keep in mind that program deadlines are usually the semester before studying away, and you want to get started on the planning and application process the semester BEFORE the application deadlines, which means ideally students will get started a year in advance. Make sure to keep the study abroad advisor updated on your plans and timeline!

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