Do I need a Faculty Recommendation? Does it have to be from a faculty member?

You will need one academic recommendation from a faculty member. It MUST be from a professor (NO graduate teaching assistants, employers, advisors, or former high school teachers), that you have taken or are currently taking a course with and hopefully that grade was an A or a B. If possible, we also recommend that it be a faculty member in your major department, particularly if you are studying your major while abroad.

Remember, you do not need a “recommendation letter!” The online form that the faculty member completes is EASY and FAST and should take no more than fifteen minutes. This is requested online through your online application. It is imperative that you speak with your professor beforehand so that they know to either save or bookmark the email that they will receive with the recommendation form link. Remind them to check their SPAM folder as the emails are often forwarded there.

For CSU International Programs, you will request the recommendation, after discussing it with your faculty member (from which you received a LETTER GRADE (NO credit/non-credit courses, except for Hutchins)), by clicking “Request Electronic Recommendation” on your application program page. You will enter their information, and then be able to provide an additional message to them. (Be sure to thank them!) Whether you click “Save” or Submit”, they will automatically be sent an email, so make sure everything is complete and correct. You should also tell them that once they click on the link and create a password, their password will expire after FIVE or 14 DAYS.

For National Student Exchange/NSE Study Abroad, you will request the recommendation, after discussing it with your faculty member, by entering their name and contact information in your NSE application under Recommendation. After you submit your application, they will automatically be sent an email with instructions on how to complete the online recommendation form.

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