Can I participate in National Student Exchange if I’m not a US citizen?

EVERYONE can participate in NSE! A benefit of studying away in another state is you do not need a passport and you won’t cross country borders, so DREAMERs and undocumented students can participate too! However, make sure you have valid documentation required to travel within the country, including a REAL ID.

To study abroad internationally, students with a Green Card or with Permanent Residency can study abroad. DREAMERs can also study internationally by applying for Advanced Parole in consultation with your attorney.

International students can participate in NSE, and information on which NSE schools accept international students can be found here:

If you are planning on studying abroad in another country and you are not a U.S. citizen nor hold a U.S. passport, investigate the visa procedure of your intended host country to see if there are special requirements to get the visa that apply to you.