CSU International Programs

It is important to talk to your professor about the recommendation process and your study abroad plans prior to entering their information into the system. You should also tell them that once they click on the link and create a password, their password will expire after FIVE or 14 DAYS. If their password does expire, they can email CSU IP at ipstudentaffairs@calstat.edu(link sends e-mail) get help resetting their password.

Only advanced language programs require a foreign language recommendation. If your program does, then there will be a second box under ‘Recommendations’ that you’ll see when you fill out the application. Generally the following programs require a Foreign Language Recommendation: Chile, France (Paris only), Germany (direct enroll only), Mexico (Spanish only), Spain (Madrid & Granada only), and China (direct enroll). This recommendation should be filled out by a faculty member who has had you in a language class, or based on a 15 minute, in-person conversation.

HUTCHINS STUDENTS need to obtain GRADE EQUIVALENCIES for any Hutchins courses they took as credit/no credit (LIBS 101, 102, 201 & 202) from the faculty member that you took those courses with. You will need to submit all Hutchins course grade equivalencies BEFORE the application deadline to us in the Global Engagement Office.

“Save” simply means that you have saved all of your answers in the online system, whereas “Submit” means that you are ready for your application to be reviewed. However, you are still able to go back and make changes after you click SUBMIT up until the application is marked as complete and officially submitted on the deadline. Additionally, please keep in mind you must click submit on each component prior to your AAA meeting so the study away advisor can review your work.


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